We're The Real Racers

We're Not The Celebrity Drivers.

We're The People You Walk Past On The Street. The People You Drive Past. The People You Go To Work With.

We're The Real Racers.


  • Car Build Fanatic?

    Late nights building covered in blood, sweat and oil? Show us your ride. Community car builds are at the centre of our hearts. Out with the boring production cars and make way for the custom built legends.

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  • Racer?

    Are you a track day king, sim racer pro or full blown race driver? We have the merch to blow the competition away. Want custom gear? We're listening.

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  • Car community hero?

    Do you live for the evening and weekends to meet fellow petrolheads and slip into the lore of car culture? Look no further than the DR/VRS Discord channel

    What are you waiting for? 
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-Its all about partnerships-

With so many amazing people and clubs out there, we have made some awesome partnerships from around the world to enrichen SDC members with fantastic content. Check out our partners page for more information.

Sim racing. Blockchain. A new movement.

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