Secret Dr/vr Club: Sim Racing Sponsorship

Secret Dr/vr Club: Sim Racing Sponsorship

Challenges Sim Racing Must Overcome

Sim racing has become a popular form of entertainment for gamers around the world. However, there is a need for a new form of reward system that can incentivize sim racers to compete and improve their skills.

This is where our new partnership with $DRIVE comes in.

The Problem

Currently, sim racing rewards are limited to in-game currency or virtual items. These rewards do not provide a tangible benefit to sim racers, and do not encourage them to compete at a higher level. With Sim racing being easily accessible to people all over the world, a 'normal' funded sponsorship becomes much more difficult.

The Solution

Secret Dr/vr Club's new paternership with $DRIVE provides a new form of reward system for sim racers. By rewarding sim racers with tokens, they can use them to purchase in-game items or real-world rewards. This provides a tangible benefit to sim racers and incentivizes them to compete at a higher level.

Welcome to $DRIVE

Their vision is clear: $DRIVE will become the universal token of the automotive world, essential at every event, from local gatherings to global showcases like SEMA. They are steering towards becoming a beacon for petrolheads, where $DRIVE resonates with the thrill of automotive events and the solidarity of an empowered community.

How does it work?

Much the same as your favourite Sim Racing game, sign up to an account on the revolutionary website Social Connector. (link at the bottom)  We will help set this all up for you.

Using a simple email and password, your set up with a new digital wallet.

This digital wallet is where you can recieve rewards in the form of $DRIVE and excahnge it for digital or real-world products.

How do I earn $DRIVE?

We will be hosting with $DRIVE a number of events and incentives in 2024 for sim racers on a variety of platforms. Take part in races where you can win $DRIVE and even earn rewards for simply racing with our chosen livery!

We can sponsir your sim racing by rewarding you for running our livery and sharing it on social media within your own championships.

Run a team and want to reward your drivers? Join us and we can integrate the reward system into your own races!

How do I start?

We will have a full SDC membership soon but for now getting involved is completely free!

All you need to do to get started is:

  1. Make an account on Social Connector with this link:

This essentially gives you a digital wallet. Its free to sign up and you only need a username and password. SDC will then airdop you your first $DRIVE token as a welcome. Inside Social Connector you then just need to link your Discord ID so the servers can allow you in different areas and keep you up to date with races.

  1. Head over to the $DRIVE discord and select the iracing role to keep up to date! Raise a ticket if you need help.

Our BETA testing is now open with participants being rewarded. Fill out a simple google sheet form afterwards and submit.

After the testing we will start a RACE 2 EARN program where you and your team-mates can start earning $DRIVE

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